Available honours project!

An honours projects in avian conservation biology commencing in January 2020

Thermal scanning as a tool to monitor for the Endangered Plains-wanderer. Status: Open.
This project aims to develop and test survey methods for Plains-wanderers (and other endothermic vertebrates) in the grasslands of north-central Victoria. Specifically the intent is to compare the results of traditional spotlight surveys with novel methods employing vehicle mounted thermal scanners. 
We are looking for a student who is passionate about conservation management. Ideally they will have some experience with spotlighting. The project requires repeat field trips of 5 days/4 nights to north central Victoria over a 2 to 3 month period. Fieldwork is mostly conducted at night and can extend into the early hours of the morning. A drivers licence is a requirement for this project. 
The project will be supervised by Rohan Clarke rohan.clarke@monash.edu and involve collaborations with a number of partner organisations.